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Universitity of Osnabrueck

Forschungsstelle Musik- und Medientechnologie

          Research Department of Music & Media Technology

The Research Department bundles research and teaching in the area of current music technology processes.

The general objectives include the development of innovative music and media technologies, and the analysis and testing of the results for scientific, educational, artistic, cultural and economic purposes.

The Research Department of Music & Media Technology is a scientific institution of the University of Osnabrueck's Faculty for Educational and Cultural Studies (FB 3) in accordance to paragraph 111 of Lower Saxony's university statute (NHG). In the field of music/musicology, the department pursues tasks in research and teaching under the faculty's responsibility (supervision).

The faculty council approved the foundation of the research department on 30 April 1997; its regulations became effective through a press release in the University's Newspaper on 1997, May 12th.

Managing director: Prof. Dr. phil. Michael Oehler

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Whenever a technical threshold is transgressed,
the observers have the feeling
that the technology will gain the upper hand
and it turns out every time
that the new technology opens up new creative sources.

Vilém Flusser
, Media philosopher